Business Internet Continuity

Connectivity issues affect businesses both big and small; it is vital to have continuous availability as a necessity of the internet, no matter where you are. Nobtech Consulting’s suite of Business Internet Continuity products ensure that connectivity is always maintained, so you can Connect, Control, Monitor and Share, whenever a fixed line fails.

Business Internet Products

Nobtech Consulting’s Business Internet Continuity portfolio provides diverse connectivity to the internet, ISP or corporate data center for all sizes of businesses. The portfolio includes:

Internet Continuity
The ideal replacement for the traditional back-up fixed line, Internet Continuity provides a truly diverse connection to the internet through Ground Control Company. The two-way satellite technology ensures that there is no single point of failure and that connection to the Internet is always maintained.

Office Continuity
The patented Office Continuity solution automatically takes over when the primary fixed line connection to an ISP fails. Using a two-way broadband satellite link, traffic is routed to the ISP; maintaining email services, web access and a host of other critical online functions without disruption. Not only does it restore connectivity, it also instantly re-propagates IP addresses.

Enterprise Continuity
Enterprise Continuity provides a low cost, diverse, two-way, satellite back-up date connection for private networks between head office, brand offices and data centers.