Imagine coming to work, turning on your computer, and being met with a message telling you that your files are now encrypted, and the only way to unlock them is by transferring hundreds if not thousands of dollars to an offshore account. Your IT team isolates the infection and tries to restore from backup only to find that your cloud storage drive has been encrypted as well. All of your business’ data is now being held hostage.

A ransomware virus, a form of increasingly sophisticated malware, has the ability to infiltrate your computer system and encrypt files, in essence locking them up and demanding payment for access. On top of the virus group’s rising complexity, there’s also been a shift in recent years from targeting individuals to targeting businesses and larger institutions. What can your business do to safeguard against such attacks and prevent ransomware before it happens?

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We’ll cover:

  • Understanding the threat, sophistication, and many faces (and names) of ransomware
  • How to prevent ransomware attacks by building a multi-layered security infrastructure
  • The importance and practice of having multiple backups and systems in place to help you protect and manage your important data, as well as training employees on how to spot and mitigate threats
  • How to take your ransomware prevention and protection program to the next level