Get a Check for N100,000 or more!
Refer a Lead to Nobtech Consulting

Do You Know a Company that Needs IT Support?

We know that referrals are a vital part of building business relationships; we also know that great leads can come from anyone at any time. Why not explore this opportunity and reap the benefits of your business connections?

Do you know a company that may need IT support? If the referral becomes a Nobtech Consulting Care (NCC) recurring client, then you get 100% of the first month’s invoice paid up to N500,000. For example, when the referral signs a N500,000 monthly recurring contract with us, then you get N500,000. A minimum monthly contract amount of N50,000 is required.

If the referral becomes a Nobtech Consulting project client and spends over N1,000000 on project labor in their first 90 days as a client, then you get a one-time reward of N100,000.

It’s easy to join our referral program, and can be a great way to earn residual revenue while helping businesses gain from our extensive IT service and support systems. You can be assured that our quality services and breadth of knowledge will increase the reliability, security and performance of IT systems and software.

What Kind of Company Would Be a Good Referral?

Who would be a good client for Nobtech Consulting? Any company with at least 10 computers in most any professional industry.

Getting Started: How Do I Submit a Lead?

Go to our Referral Form and fill out the details. We will contact you for your bank account details then you can start sending us leads. That’s all you need to do. We close the sale, and when your referral becomes a Nobtech Consulting client, your referral check is in the mail.

Referral Form: Submit a lead

Or call us at 09021799276 with your lead information or to sign up to be a partner.


Three months of NCC invoices must be paid to Nobtech Consulting before the final referral payment will be processed to the referrer. If the contract is terminated in less than three months, the final referral payment will be nullified. Employees, friends and family of Nobtech Consulting do not qualify for the program.