At Nobtech Consulting Fleet Service, your suspension and steering needs are our concern. Your suspension and steering helps you stay in control when you’re on the road, but through continual wear on the road, they slowly become unreliable. The moment you start to have shaky steering or a bouncy vehicle, come visit our truck and trailer repair service.

Our professional mechanic will meet with you one-on-one, inspect your vehicle, and provide an accurate cost estimate for the repair. In most cases, only a minor adjustment is necessary, but we can perform steering and suspension replacements if worse comes to worst.

Highly Experienced

Our team has been on the field since 1994, so we’ve seen it all. We know what the most common problems are that steering and suspension systems face in Nigeria, and our team even takes on heavy-duty truck repair, so you can feel confident that we’ll fix your flatbed trailer, hydraulic trailer, or gear box trailer. We can address the specific needs of trucks from Iveco, Mack Trucks, DAF Motors, and Mercedes Motors, and we also work on engines built by MAN Diesel.

Schedule a Convenient Appointment

We can diagnose and repair your suspension back to being a safe truck. Give us a call today at 09021799276.