Transmission repairs in Nigeria shouldn’t be difficult to get since Nobtech Consulting Fleet Repair Service is here. We are the best choice for transmission and powertrain repair service. Plus, we take pride in our work to ensure you the best service guaranteed.

A Wide Range of Services

If the gears on your truck or trailer don’t shift smoothly or quickly, then it’s likely that you’ll need new transmission fluid. If the fluid smells burnt, that’s also a warning sign. Let our team of professional technicians check the level and thickness of your fluids. Should the issue be more extensive, don’t worry because we can handle a transmission replacement or rebuild. Since we work so often with flatbed trailers, hydraulic trucks, and dry van trailers, we’re familiar with both automatic and manual transmissions. Our shop is qualified to work on all types of Transmission products.

In Case of Emergencies

A failed transmission means your truck probably won’t budge, but you can rest assured that we’ll tow your vehicle. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for roadside assistance.

We Also Inspect Powertrains

Besides our general truck repair services, we’ve performed many a powertrain diagnosis in Nigeria. If your vehicle has thrown you a code, there may be trouble with the PCM. We’ll easily diagnose the problem since we have the most updated equipment possible.

Our number is 09021799276, so give us a call at Nobtech Consulting Repair Service the moment you suspect that something’s not right with your transmission or powertrain.