EnGenius EGS5110P -8Port Gigabit POE Switch with 2 SFP Cage

213,509.00 193,509.00



8 Gigabit ports with IEEE 802.3at/af PoE support

Ideal for small, growing and medium sized business that need
to connect not only computers but also VoIP Phone Systems, Wireless
Access Points, and IP Surveillance Cameras throughout their facilities.

Ideal for Networks in Large Buildings or Linking Remote
Buildings on a Campus

Accepts fiber transceivers for extending the wired network
beyond the limitation of Ethernet cabling with fiber cabling.
Especially useful for schools with satellite classrooms, hotels and
resorts, and other large multiple building properties.

Smoother Video Conferences and Clearer Phone Calls

Priority queueing ensures high-priority traffic gets delivered
efficiently, even during congestion from high traffic bursts.

PoE Management

EnGenius switches also include embedded QoS intelligence to
prioritize delay-sensitive services, simplify unified communications
deployments, and help ensure consistent performance for all services.

Clear Quality and Efficient Voice Communications

Provides 802.1Q VLAN support for improved convergence and
bandwidth utilization and automates the process of setting up VoIP
devices on a network. Voice VLAN guarantees.


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