Mikrotik Powerline AP PL7411-2nD

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The PWR-Line AP is a small Wi-Fi access point, made as an accessory
to your existing network, for places, where your signal or your cable
is unable to reach. Unit comes with Type C power plug (commonly used in
Europe, South America & Asia).

Especially useful in homes with thick walls, where you can extend Wi-Fi
coverage to those rooms, where signal is poor, without having to
re-wire your house.

Simply plug this device directly into one of the LAN ports of your
MikroTik router, and add another one somewhere further in your
premises. They will link together through the power lines. You can
install up to eight PWR-LINE devices to further build your network.


Product specifications

Product code    PL7411-2nD

10/100 Ethernet ports    1

Antenna gain dBi for 2.4 GHz    1.5

Architecture    MIPSBE

CPU    QCA9533

CPU core count    1

CPU nominal frequency    650 MHz

Dimensions    50 x 68 x 33mm

License level    4

Max power consumption    7 W

Operating System    RouterOS

PLC chipset    AR7420

Size of RAM    64 MB

Storage size    16 MB

Storage type    FLASH

Tested ambient temperature    -20°C to 60°C

Wi-Fi generation    4

Wireless 2.4 GHz Max data rate    300 Mbit/s

Wireless 2.4 GHz chip model    QCA9533

Wireless 2.4 GHz number of chains    2

Wireless 2.4 GHz standards    802.11b/g/n


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