Mikrotik RB750UP 5-Port Switch/Router, 4 POE + 1 USB

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Complete system

5 x ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s
Atheros 7241 CPU, 400MHz
USB 2.0 Port
PoE output on port 2-5 (max. 500mA pro
RouterOS L4 licence
incl. enclosure and power supply

Special Features

MikroTik RouterBOARD RB750UP
can power up to 4 connected devices by passive PoE. The output voltage
is the same voltage, that is applied to RB750UP and has to be between 8
and 30V. The maximum output current per port is 500mA.

MikroTik RouterOS version 5.x
level 4

licence level 4
free upgrades to MikroTik RouterOS
version 6.x
licence never expires
licence valid for one installation
unlimited number of interfaces
supports accesspoint (AP), wireless
station/client, point 2 point and point 2 multipoint setups
RIP and OSPF and BGP support
unlimited number of EoIP tunnels
up to 200 PPPoE tunnels
up to 200 PPTP tunnels
up to 200 L2TP tunnels
up to 200 OVPN tunnels
unlimited number of VLAN interfaces
up to 200 active hotspot users
up to 20 active Usermanager sessions


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